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    Presenting INTERACTS

In December 2003, INTERACTS was presented at the conference The Contemporaneousness of the Uncontemporary, December 6-8 in Vienna.

In November 2003, INTERACTS was presented at several occassions:
- At the Voluntary Sector Studies Network  meeting at Manchester University on November, 5th,
- at the conference European Research 2002 November 11th-13th in Brussels, and
- at the conference Envisioning Scientific Citizenship: Science, Governance and Public Participation in Europe November, 28th-30th, 2002 at the University of Vienna.

    State-of-the-Art Report

The first INTERACTS report, the State-of-the-Art Report is available for download.

    Science & Society

The Directorate Science & Society of the European Commission published a short fact sheet on science shops on its Web site.


Within the new Thematic Network of science shops - Improving Science Shop Networking (ISSNET) - thirteen organisations from nine countries - Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA - will advance the size, outreach and impact of the contribution of science shops to citizens' access to scientific information, knowledge and expertise.
ISSNET will be an indispensable step for establishing the future international science shop network.
The activities in ISSNET will be carried out in strong co-operation with INTERACTS.


INTERACTS is internationally presented at the European Social Forum in Paris on Nov 14. For further information, click here.