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State-of-the-Art Report

An overview of political and institutional conditions for the co-operation between small to medium non-governmental organisations (NGOs), science shops, and universities in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Romania. This report served as a basis for case studies. The analysis of the public and political framework provided issues which were discussed in group discussions about future expectations and perspectives for co-operation between NGOs, scientists, and science shops.

download (pdf, about 300 KB)

Case Studies Reports

For the National Case Studies Reports the INTERACTS consortium examined the expectations from and the practical experience with interaction between small to medium non-governmental organisations (NGOs), science shops, and universities in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Romania, and produced an inventory of the impact direct co-operations had.

Denmark (pdf, about 400 KB)
Eastern and Southern Austria (pdf, about 500 KB)
Western Austria (pdf, about 350 KB)
Germany (pdf, about 350 KB)
Spain (pdf, about 250 KB)
United Kingdom (pdf, about 300 KB)
Romania (pdf, about 900 KB)

Scientometric Report

The scientometric research by the Amsterdam School of Communications Research addressed the external visibility of Science Shop work in terms of publications, institutional development, and curriculum developmentand  of the communication of the results in the press, the popular and grey literature, and other means of communication insofar as retrievable on distance through the WWW by using search engines.

download (pdf, about 800 KB)

Participatory Workshop Reports

The INTERACTS consortium brought together NGO representatives, researchers, science shops staff and policy makers in participatory workshops in order to discuss expectations and conditions for future co-operation between NGO’s, universities and intermediaries like science shops. Below are reports of these workshops.

Denmark (pdf, about 1.1 MB)
Eastern and Southern Austria (pdf, about 350 KB)
Western Austria (pdf, about 3.8 MB)
Germany (pdf, about 250 KB)
Spain (pdf, about 200 KB)
United Kingdom (pdf, about 1.3 MB)
Romania (pdf, about 600 KB)

And here is a toolkit (pdf, about 200 KB) for organising such workshops.

Final Report

The final report brings together the results from the previous reports to identify potentials and barriers of the research and development system to enable effective and sustainable co-operation and presents policy recommendations and strategies for improving conditions for future co-operations.

Draft of the Final Report, Part 1 (pdf, about 300 KB)
Draft of the Final report, Part 2 (pdf, about 450 KB)

Final Report (pdf, about 600 KB)
Final Report (pdf, about 1 MB)

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