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Institut für gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung, Bildung & Information (Institut FBI)

Innsbruck, Austria

A non-university based Science Shop operational since 1991, Institut FBI bridges the gap between the university and the public by making advanced knowledge accessible, understandable and applicable for a broad public. It serves as a link between academia and society and between theory and practice, on issues related to research, society and culture with a special focus on women and gender issues.

Major research topics currently include:
- theory and praxis of knowledge transfer,
- conditions of employment and career issues for freelance scientists and
- Bubenarbeit (gender sensitive education).

The team consists of 3 female researchers ( Mag. Andrea Gnaiger, Dr. Gabriela Schroffenegger and Dr. Annemarie Schweighofer-Brauer).

Institute FBI is/was involved in the following EU projects:
- SCIPAS (Study and Conference on Improving Public Access to Science through Science Shops),
- AMIGRA (esf project), BILDUNGSWEGWEISER (esf project) and AQUA (esf project). In these projects Institut FBI is responsible for gender mainstreaming (2002-2004).

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