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InterMEDIU Information, Consultancy and ODL Department at the “Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

Iasi, Romania

Founded in 1999 at the Technical University of Iasi, InterMEDIU is a science shop hosted by the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and self-financed by project grants. An advisory committee with members of the Faculty Board and University Senate supervises InterMEDIU activities.

InterMEDIU Centre co-operates with civil society organizations and Faculty departments as well as with similar organizations on a national or international scale and offers information, consultancy and research in the field of environmental protection and management, as well as environmental education and training. Since July 2001, InterMEDIU is recognised as the department entitled to organize and co-ordinate all the Open and Distance Learning programmes for the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry. Carmen Teodosiu is the director of InterMEDIU department and was involved in many science shop projects and educational programmes. InterMEDIU Department participated in several international and national projects such as:
- MATRA (1999-2000),
- SCIPAS (Study and Conference on Improving Public Access to Science through Science Shops) (2000-2001) and
- the Local Agenda 21 (ROM 012/98 PNUD program).